Author David Amburgey

Yawn, Publishing, Canton, GA

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 Soar with the Eagles

The Rev. John Amburgey Story

The novel/biography from the life of a great father, husband, pastor and friend. 

A life that begins in the hills of West Virginia and ends in the forests of South Georgia.

A life filled with tragedy and triumph over tragedy.

A life void of the knowledge of real love for a time.

A life that finds what true love is.

A life that embraced that love.

A life that shows that love.

A life changed by a dream.

Isaiah 40:31


     John Amburgey was a man not unlike any other man.  He could not hit a ball over the center field wall, well not in a major league stadium anyway, and he would not walk on the moon, but his life would influence many and change the hearts of many more.  Through this book it is my hope that his life will continue to change the lives of everyone that reads the pages within.  He was a man that was touched by God and reserved for certain fate that awaited him in the middle of his life.  When he embraced God, he came quickly to embrace his fate.  As the pastor of many small churches he was sent to he had to face much adversity and had many victories.  It is an inside look in the life of a man of God to the likes that no one has ever seen.  It is seen from within his own mind and heart, while others look on and travel with him.  While he lies in a hospital bed, suffering from a massive stroke his life flashes before our eyes from his birth back to the bed.  A web of great tragedies and triumphs is revealed through a great journey that all need to share.  The entire story begins with a dream; the dream that began his second life, the life where he was born again.  The journey in this life is definitely one that you do not want to miss and when you embark upon this journey you will be glad that you did and will tell others that they also need to read this book, and live this life.