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All Because of War

A Christian Fiction Novel
by:  David Amburgey

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Imagine a future where the Arab League of Nations decided to join forces and become one vast empire.
Arabia, also known as the Unified Arabic States is the result of that union.
Led by an elected King and dictator, Rashahad, Arabia is bent on the destruction of Israel, then America and finally the rest of the world.
Their capital; a secret fortress/city named Sha' Medine - every militant effort from Arabia is controlled from there.
Capture Sha' Medine and end the War - twelve years of gruesome and bloody war.
The problem: none of the allies know where it is.  How it remains hidden, nobody knows.
Three mysteries:  Where is Sha' Medine?
What are the Arabs doing in the middle of the desert that is so important?
And, Where are the Prisoners of War?

Join Will Levings, the son of the world famous Senator and Retired Colonel John Levings.  John Levings, a decorated hero and disabled, one armed, veteran of the Second Iraqi war, was killed while saving the president's life during an assassination attempt.  The blame was cast on Arabia and America joined another gruesome war in the middle east.  When Will Levings came of age he decided to join the military with the idea of making it on his own, and getting some vengeance upon the group of people responsible for his father's death.
He is an Army medic, assigned to the Red Aid Squadron who man the Choppers sent out to evacuate soldiers in battle.  A chopper is a futuristic all purpose supersonic aircraft and the sole form of air superiority for the Americans and Allies in the war.  The one that Will Levings is assigned to crashes and he, being the sole survivor of the crash, escapes to the desert only to become a prisoner of war.
Follow Will Levings and others that he meets along the way as he journey's his way back Allied soil and as he learns the one secret that the Allied armies can use to end the war, the location of Sha' Medine.