Author David Amburgey


My name is David Amburgey whose privilege it is to be the writer of great tales, Thank You LORD.  The gift of creation in the written word is overwhelming and so gratifying.  The first book that I published, "Soar with the Eagles" was one that I had to write as well as wanted to.  My heart is in those pages in the memory of a great man that I held so dear.  I miss my Dad.  "I love you Dad, see you soon."

I am a Christian, an author and a minister in the many works of God.  It is an honor to be chosen for such tasks and to proudly give Him all the glory for what He allows me to accomplish in this life.  May I never disappoint.  I write because I love it. 

My family is so important to me that they get their own section of this page.  READ ON, please.  They ROCK!


I have the best wife anyone could ever wish for.  She is my best friend, my long lost rib, my companion and literally my better half.  I love you Lisa.

I also have three awesome kids - all teenagers, please pray for me.  John, Micah and Amanda.  I love you all and thank God for you.

My mother, brother and sister are still around as are many aunts and uncles; cousins.  I have been fortunate to have a large family and I love them all greatly. 

God has richly blessed me with wonderful family and great lifelong friends.  Looking forward to meeting and making new friends as life goes on.  One can never have too many friends. 

If you are my friend or loved one who is reading this, Thank you and I love you.

My family and I currently reside in Acworth, GA, where we own our home (which means that we plan to stay for a long time).  Our four dogs are awesome.  Punk and Obi are pugs and they are inside dogs, then we have Samson and Fancy who are Cocker Spaniels, they live outside and love our great back yard.

We are members of Shallowford Free Will Baptist Church in Marietta, GA.  A great church with an awesome church family.  If you are looking for a great, loving and friendly group to worship with, please come and join us.